What’s this?

A blog where I play ZX Spectrum games and write mini-reviews of them. I review the games according to how fun they are to play today. So it’s possible some once great games may not fair very well, but some less-appreciated-at-the-time titles may still rise to the occasion.

ZX Spectrum 48k (1982)

How Do You Choose Which Games to Play?

10 The first game will be my choice. Maybe it will be a game I played back in the day, or a game I’ve heard is interesting or just a game I remember seeing a screenshot of which made me curious

20 The next game is randomly chosen using World of Spectrum’s random Spectrum generator Here..

30 Goto 10 (Repeat!)

A Note On Scores

Games are marked out of 10. Where 5 is an average game. So 6/10+ means the game is above average


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